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Disney+ will stop cropping old Simpsons episodes in May

One of the biggest complaints Disney Plus received at launch was The Simpsons not being available to stream in the correct 4:3 ratio. Disney has worked on a solution, and the company is hoping subscribers will be able to stream the show in its proper format by the end of May.

Disney+ last year and promised to fix the issue by “early 2020.” Yesterday on Twitter, the company said it now expects to “accomplish this by the end of the May.” At that point, you’ll be able to watch “the first 19 seasons (and part of 20)… on Disney+,” in the original ratio.

Other broadcasters do this with old shows, taking the original 4:3 format and cropping it top and bottom to 16:9, reducing the already-low resolution by about 25 percent. This also has the effect of removing some of original picture information. Many TVs will also stretch and distort 4:3 video to fully fill a widescreen TV.

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