YouTube website is now more tablet-friendly

YouTube has updated its desktop site to make it more touchscreen-friendly. The updated site makes tweaks to the three-dot menu and enlarges icons to make it easier to use the site from a touchscreen devices, such as iPads, Android tablets and Chrome OS machines. New gestures let you quickly swipe into full-screen mode or the mini player, while improved scrolling and larger icon sizes should feel more intuitive. Even the usual three-dot menu (under thumbnails) is now persistent instead of requiring a mouse hover.

Regardless of what you’re using, you should also see a better-sorted viewing history and sort playlists by moving videos to the very top or bottom. Android Police understands that the changes were first visible in March, but are now more widely available.

This won’t necessarily replace the dedicated apps on Android or iPadOS, and won’t be as necessary if you’re using a Chromebook with a keyboard and trackpad. Still, the update could be very helpful if you’d prefer to do as much as you can in your browser.

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