Microsoft Teams headphones now have a button to launch and control the chat app

Microsoft has a range of Microsoft Teams-certified headphones from its partners, and now, some are getting the ability to integrate more deeply into the chat app. A new button feature will allow headset owners to bring Teams to the front on a Windows PC, join a meeting, or check missed calls and voicemail. Some existing headsets are getting firmware upgrades for the button support, and there are also new devices that are launching with dedicated buttons.

It’s up to headset manufacturers to choose how the button interacts with Teams, and whether existing devices will get firmware updates to enable this functionality. Epos and Poly are both supplying firmware upgrades to enable the button support and integrate more deeply with Microsoft Teams.

Jabra is also introducing a new Evolve2 headset with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button that includes alerts for notifications. Logitech’s Zone Wireless and Zone Wired headsets will let Teams users join a meeting from a button.

Microsoft Teams will find this addition useful for managing meetings.

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