Microsoft will fix Surface Laptop 3 ‘hairline fractures’ for free

A couple months ago, some Surface Laptop 3 customers reported they were seeing hairline fractures in their screens that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Microsoft is responding publicly as to what’s happening and what the company is planning to do for those affected.

Microsoft started looking into the issue a few months ago, and now it has an explanation for the phenomenon: Microsoft is blaming hairline fractures “in a very small percentage of cases” on “hard foreign particle[s].”

In its free repair announcement post, the company said:

“We have investigated claims of screen cracking on Surface Laptop 3 and have determined that, in a very small percentage of cases, a hard foreign particle may cause a hairline fracture in the glass that may seem to appear unexpectedly or without visible cause.”

Microsoft is asking those who have had this issue to contact Microsoft Support to initiate a free repair during the warranty period of the device. And anyone who may have paid to have this repair made to their Surface Laptop 3s (either 13- or 15-inch) will be able to contact Microsoft Support “to learn about reimbursement.”

This free repair or reimbursement doesn’t apply to those who cracked their screens by dropping or other means. It’s meant for those who had screens crack spontaneously.

Microsoft is encouraging those who’ve experienced the issue to contact support and initiate a repair free of charge, so long as the device is still under warranty. Microsoft also says it will reimburse those who’ve already paid for a repair.

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