Google is adding a tab grouping feature to Chrome

Google Chrome is rolling out a new feature to help you better manage all your open tabs. Google announced today the launch of “tab groups” for the beta version of its web browser, which will allow you to organize, label and even color-code your tabs for easy access. The feature will make its way to the stable release of Chrome starting next week.

Tab Groups has been long-awaited in the Chrome community, where it’s been one of the most requested features for years. Until today, users who wanted to group tabs would usually had to install a third-party Chrome extension.

Starting next week, Chrome will join the ranks of Vivaldi and Opera as browsers that support an official tab grouping capability. On Vivaldi, the feature is currently referred to as Tab Stacks, while on Opera the feature is called Workspaces.

If you want an idea of what it looks like, here’s an image from Google:

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