Verizon allows uploads on its 5G network

In the majority of Verizon’s 5G markets, uploads have so far remained on LTE and been unable to match the blistering download speeds of millimeter-wave. But that’s changing today. Verizon says that 5G uploads are now available in all 5G markets, so if you’re an early adopter and already have a 5G smartphone, you should notice this speed bump.

For one, Verizon doesn’t want customers expecting the same eye-popping speeds sometimes topping 1Gbps that mmWave can give you on the downstream. “Initially, customers should see upload speeds on 5G about 30 percent faster than 4G LTE,” Verizon’s Kevin King wrote in a news release today.

Verizon previously routed uploads through 4G technology. The company says the switch will increase upload bandwidth by 30 percent, though PCMag’s testing shows much better performance than Verizon’s own claims. This could be a big benefit, especially for those who use 5G as their home internet connection.

Hopefully 5G’s faster mobile data continues to be rolled out by various cellular providers and more phones are released that can take advantage of the technology.

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