Google Maps makes it easier to share your location without an address

Google Maps is launching a new feature that generates a unique six-digit code based on your location. This code can be given to others and used when you’re located away from a traditional street address. It’s called a “Plus Code,” and it’s available with a tap of the blue circle icon that represents your location in the app.

Inside the Google Maps app on your Android phone, your current location is marked with a blue dot. Tapping it shows you a bunch of options to see nearby places or mark your parking location. Among those options, you’ll find your Plus Code in the header region, which you can tap to copy. Now, you can text this alphanumeric code to direct people to your location for, say, grocery delivery. This feature in Maps has already been live for many of us on Android, so it might not be news to you.

Since Plus Codes are easily searchable both on the ubiquitous Google Search and Maps, most new users won’t need to go through a steep learning curve to get started. Besides those without a proper address, these codes would also come handy when you’re in an unfamiliar or remote area, or when you must quickly send your location in case of an emergency.

Back in February, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described Plus Codes as an important part of making Google Maps work for more people around the world. “With a digital address, more people will be able to access things like banking and emergency services, receive personal mail and deliveries, and help people find and patronize their businesses,” the CEO wrote. “It’s still in early days, but we’re excited about the potential.”

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