Razer’s Kishi Android controller is now available and works with Stadia

Razer launched the Kishi controller for Android phones today. When initially announced at CES 2020, there was no pricing information available but was expected to cost around the same as the Junglecat mobile controller. At $80, the Kishi is about $20 cheaper than its predecessor.

Razer touted the Junglecat’s Bluetooth Low Energy connection as “low latency.” This time the company says Kishi provides an “ultra-low latency” connection by plugging directly into the phone rather than relying on Bluetooth.

The Kishi also features pass-through charging, so there is no need to disconnect if you need to top off the charge on your device. Razer says it’s cloud-gaming compatible, so the strap-in controller should be ideal for those with the desire to play Stadia games on their phone.

While the Kishi is currently only available for Android devices, Razer says it has an iPhone version that should be ready to ship this summer.

It’s also been drawing comparisons to Nintendo’s Joy-Cons for the Switch, partly due to the layout of the buttons and dual-analog thumbsticks. There’s a D-pad on the left, four buttons up top, two analog triggers and a pair of bumper buttons. The Kishi plugs directly into the USB-C port, for lower latency gameplay than comparable Bluetooth accessories. Notably, it also works with the Stadia service, which could be a nice bump for Google’s cloud gaming service, which has thus far failed to set the world ablaze.

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