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Google’s Phone app could soon tell you why a business is calling you

Google is piloting a new Verified Calls feature for its Phone app in Brazil that shows call recipients a business’ name, logo, and the reason for its call. News of the feature first appeared on a Google support page that was spotted by Android Police.

When a business calls you, your device will check the incoming call information against the stored data. If there’s a match, the app will show a Verified Call message along with the business name, logo, and reason for the call.

Google says that once the call is over, your phone number and the call reason will be deleted from its servers “within minutes.”

Not every business can become a Verified Caller. Each one must first pass a verification process by Google before its information can be added. The search giant says that all verification data sent between Google, the business, and your device is done so using a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted network.

Verified calls will be enabled by default on the Google phone app, though users can opt-out using an option under Settings > Caller ID and Spam.

Although Google’s support page says the feature is on by default, it outlines a couple of limitations. First is the fact that Verified Calls relies on businesses proactively providing information to Google, meaning not all calls without the verified badge will necessarily be spam. Google also says the service only works on the Google Phone app, which means it won’t be available on every Android phone. It also relies on you adding your phone number to your Google account. Google says that it will delete your phone number and the reason for a call “within minutes” of the call being verified.

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