Peacock’s Android app was missing from Google Play search results

Peacock is officially available across the US today, but it was near-impossible to find on the Google Play Store for much of today. For hours, it didn’t show up in search results.

Android’s Peacock app published overnight in the Google Play Store as planned, and it was available to download if you had a link to find it. But the app wasn’t returned in Play Store searches for terms like “Peacock” or “Peacock TV” until Wednesday afternoon

The Google Play Store snafu complicated a major promotion Peacock struck with Google, allowing anyone who subscribed to Peacock’s paid, premium tier through a Google platform like Android to unlock an extended free trial.

“The Peacock TV app was published to the Google Play Store last night and is available for download. We’re currently working to ensure users are also able to search for the app on the store,” a Google spokesperson said “Everything is up to date now and Peacock will appear in search results on Google Play,” we were told this afternoon.

In contrast to Google, Apple is promoting Peacock in the App Store, and the app does appear in App Store search results.

“We do not have control over when platforms release and surface the app to their users, but the app is now live,” a Peacock spokesperson said in a statement. “We have a large marketing and promotional plan with Google, which you will see across Google platforms starting today.”

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