Reddit adds image galleries, making it way easier to share multiple images at a time

Until now, if you wanted to include more than one image in a single post on Reddit, it’s been a chore. Most users, especially on mobile, had to drop links to external photo-sharing sites like Imgur into a post or reply. But today, Reddit is adding a new feature called Image Gallery, which lets you combine multiple images or GIFs into a single post, even if you’re on mobile.

Until now, Redditors who wanted to share multiple images in a single post had to rely on a third-party service like Imgur. That could make viewing multiple images clunky, and limited users’ ability to add captions and other context to their posts.

But with image galleries, users can share up to 20 photos and GIFs at once, and add captions and URLs to each image. Galleries also support “spoiler” and “not safe for work” tags.

The feature is available on desktop and iOS devices, with support for Android devices coming next week. Down the road, Reddit is looking to add support for users to share multiple different kinds of files (GIFs, images, and videos) in a single post.

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