Apple lets you manage a family’s worth of Watches from a single iPhone

Apple is making it easier to keep tabs on your loved ones with Family Setup on the Apple Watch. This allows a user to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone, streamlining the setup process and giving the main user extra control over how the devices are used.

The controlling user namely, a parent will be able to remotely restrict contacts and receive location notifications from the paired Watches. Essentially, parents will be able to hand a child or elderly loved one an Apple Watch with all of this remote oversight built-in.

Family Setup rolls out in watchOS 7, which lands on September 16th.

This feature will be available for iPhone 6S and later phones running iOS 14 and Apple Watch Series 4 and later models, though one big caveat worth mentioning is that it requires each Apple Watch to be connected via cellular. The GPS models of Apple Watch are the most affordable, so you’ll need to spend more to get the LTE versions of each watch.

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