Amazon’s Echo Show 10 rotates to follow you

mazonAmazon has just announced the latest iteration of its flagship smart display, the new Echo Show 10. The new model has a number of new changes and updates from the prior generation, but the one that matters the most is this: it moves.

The device will support Zoom calls, Skype and Amazon Chime, while Amazon is adding a group calling feature with up to eight people in a video chat. During video calls, the 13 MP camera can automatically pan and zoom to keep you centered in the frame.

The Echo Show 10 uses audio beamforming technology and computer vision to figure out where you are in the room and rotate the screen towards you. That data is all processed on the device itself rather than on Amazon’s servers.

You can turn off that smart motion feature using Alexa. The Echo Show 10 has several other privacy options, including a camera shutter. You can decide whether or not to save voice recordings linked to your Amazon account, or ask Alexa to wipe them all.

Amazon is announcing that Netflix will finally be available on its smart displays, joining Hulu and Prime Video. You’ll be able to search for and pull up Netflix shows or movies using your voice and watch them on the Echo Show 10’s screen. The screen will also move to point itself at you as you move around a room when a video is playing so you can always see what’s on the screen.

The Echo Show 10 will launch “in time for the holidays” Amazon is pricing the new Echo Show 10 at $249.99, a slight increase over the prior, stationary model’s $230 price. You’ll be able to place preorders for the Show 10 in white or black starting today.

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