iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown

iFixit has posted a teardown of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that illustrates the camera size in great detail. While the cam itself is visibly larger, it’s the sensor-shift stabilization that puts it over the top the full unit makes the regular 12 Pro’s main shooter look dainty by comparison.

Many other parts are larger, too. It’s not surprising that the battery is the largest for any current iPhone at 14.13Wh. However, the speaker and Taptic Engine are also bigger, at least compared to the compact parts inside the 12 mini. Apple knew it had room to breathe with the 12 Pro Max and took advantage of it, in other words.

The Pro Max is about as easy to repair as other iPhone 12 models, with the glass back and waterproofing representing the only major wrinkles.

iFixit’s teardown reinforces the dilemma facing many iPhone buyers. After a brief lull, it’s once again clear that you need to buy the largest iPhone to get the best camera tech in the lineup. This doesn’t rule out upgrades to smaller models in the future, but the physical limitations are hard to ignore for the 2020 models.

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