There are 400 games in development for Google Stadia

Google has around 400 games on the way for its Stadia game streaming service, according to Jack Buser, the service’s director of games. Buser gave the figure in an interview with MobileSyrup, where he said that the company has “a roadmap of about 400 games in development from 200 developers” for the service.

“Frankly speaking, my team is almost done with 2021,” he told MobileSyrup. “We’re thinking about 2022 right now — that’s our focus. 2023 is really kind of where we’re aiming our sights.”

Buser said Google will share more information about new-game release windows “in the future.”

Google has been playing catch-up since the debut of Stadia one year ago. Before launch, executives promised Stadia would have a handful of unique and ambitious features, including native 4K play, social and streamer-specific capabilities, and a large library of games. However, many of these didn’t go live until months later, and some are still missing entirely.

While Google has added more than 100 games to Stadia over the past year, its selection of high-profile titles is slim, especially when compared with Microsoft’s xCloud platform. That said, Google is working on securing sought-after games, and it’s added notable titles including Doom Eternal, Borderlands 3 and Hotline Miami to its library, while Cyberpunk 2077 is incoming.

“You’re going to see the amount of exclusive content on our platform scale pretty rapidly,” Buser says. He adds that some “cloud native” titles will be able to do things that aren’t possible on current systems because they’re “free from the limitations of a network appliance in your living room, like a PC or a game console.”

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