Microsoft could be developing a way to run Android apps authentically on Windows

Microsoft’s ambitious project is codenamed Latte, according to Windows Central. The report adds that Microsoft is planning to announce Latte next year, aiming to release it as part of the Windows 10 Fall 2021 update.

Microsoft’s first attempt to run Android software on Windows was project Astoria, and its purpose was to bring Android apps to the Windows phone ecosystem. That didn’t work, and its failure is partly to blame for the dismissal of the Windows phone concept; because without it, Microsoft couldn’t bring enough apps to their app store.

The kind of ecosystem gap that makes Windows tablets, and hybrid devices like Microsoft’s own Surface Pro series, a difficult buy for general consumers. Latte exists to make Windows more competitive against iOS and Android.

Lately, Microsoft has developed tools that allow more apps to run on Windows devices. The universal Windows platform, for example, has made apps more portable, and the added support for PWAs has streamlined app development. Thus it isn’t surprising that Microsoft has set its sights on Android apps. The aforementioned software also provides a robust foundation that Latte can utilize.

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