Belkin wireless charger sold by Apple is being recalled for fire hazards

Belkin is voluntarily recalling its Portable Wireless Charger + Stand Special Edition that was sold in Apple retail stores and online on Apple and Belkin’s sites because of fire and shock safety hazards. No incidents or injuries have been connected to the charger, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the malfunction should only affect chargers sold between July 2020 and October 2020.

The wireless charging stand has a 10,000mAh power capacity and can charge at 10W speed for phones that support it, but an issue with the “power supply unit” could cause the device to overheat and leave it vulnerable to catching fire or shocking people. Belkin is advising anyone who’s purchased the device to stop using it and unplug it from power. The company will also issue refunds to anyone who owns an affected charger.

As of right now, Belkin says that “no injuries or property damage have been reported because of this defect. Only chargers sold between July 2020 and October 2020 are affected by the recall. The affected serial numbers include the following ranges, Belkin says:

35B01DO6029400-35B01DO6033704, 35B01DO5010350-35B01DO5014350, 35B01DO6016560-35B01DO6020560, 35B01DO5014500-35B01DO5020003, 35B01DO6010001-35B01DO6010500 and 35B01DO6010501-35B01DO6015500;

The Belkin WIZ003 wireless charger features a 2-in-1 power bank and charging stand design. It allows you to charge your iPhone at home placed on a vertical stand, or with the 10,000mAh battery pack while on the go.

Affected users can apply for a refund and learn more on the Belkin website. You can also learn more on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

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