Apple is reportedly working on a major redesign for the iMac

Apple is said to be planning to announce its long-awaited iMac redesign this year and a pair of Mac Pro refreshes are on the roadmap, too. This is all according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says the iMac will undergo its most significant overhaul since 2012: Apple will reportedly ditch the chin beneath the screen, cut down on display bezels, and move to a flat-back design. The overall appearance will likely resemble the Pro Display XDR.

The new iMac will replace the Intel-powered 27-inch and 21.5-inch versions currently available and move the all-in-one desktop to Apple silicon. It’ll be one of the most significant visual makeovers of any Apple product this year, according to the report. The existing iMac packs top-tier specs and a beautiful screen into a design that has felt particularly outdated these last couple of years, so this change will be welcome. The last revision focused on increased speed, an improved webcam, and also added an option for a matte / nano-texture display coating.

Gurman also provides an update on the company’s Mac Pro plans. As things stand, he says Apple now plans to release two new versions of the Mac Pro. The first will feature the same design as the company’s current model and include a new Intel CPU. The other, more interesting variant, will reportedly include Apple Silicon and come in at about half the size of the current model, with a mostly aluminum exterior that will make it reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube.

As usual, keep in mind the company’s plans could change at any point. But between the rumored MacBook Pro refresh and now this, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for macOS users.

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