Cyberpunk 2077 update introduced a game-breaking bug

Cyberpunk 2077’s big new 1.1 patch has introduced a game-breaking bug. As Eurogamer reports that the “Down on the Street” quest appears to be broken for some players. The quest includes a holocall that’s supposed to trigger progress through the main part of Cyberpunk 2077’s storyline. Unfortunately, some players are reporting that the call remains silent, and it blocks progress of the game.

Developer CD Projekt Red has published a workaround for the issue, but it requires players to have an earlier save of the game to try to get the holocall to work correctly. Here are the steps:

  1. Load a gamesave before Takemura and V leave Wakako’s office
  2. Finish the conversation with Takemura outside the office right away
  3. Right after the finished conversation and when the quest was updated, skip 23h
  4. See if the holocall triggers and the dialogue with Takemura starts

CDPR said it’s working on a hotfix to address the issue it plans to release “as soon as possible.” We’ll update this article once it’s live. In the meantime, the studio has shared a workaround you can use to bypass the problem, but you’ll need an earlier save. As you might imagine, the Takemura bug is one of the reasons 1.1 hasn’t gone down well with Cyberpunk 2077 players. When CDPR detailed its schedule of updates earlier in the month, it said the game’s upcoming 1.2 update would include more significant fixes and improvements.

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