Cyberpunk 2077 security exploit makes installing mods risky business

CD Projekt Red has warned players that installing Cyberpunk 2077 mods or custom save files on the PC could pose a security risk. According to the company’s tweet, there’s apparently a “vulnerability in external DLL files the game uses which can be used to execute code on PCs.” The game’s official mod tools were just released last week.

It’s not worth the risk of a hacker taking over your system. The publisher said it will roll out a fix as soon as possible.

The issue is the latest in a notoriously long line of problems that have plagued Cyberpunk 2077. Last week, CDPR issued a hotfix for a game-breaking bug that it accidentally introduced in the previous major patch. The next big update, which is said to be larger and more significant than the 1.1 patch, should arrive this month. Perhaps then CDPR can turn its full attention to the free DLC it plans to start adding early this year.

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