Here’s a look at Microsoft’s xCloud for the web

The Public Beta of Microsoft’s xCloud for the web appears to be nearly ready for release. A report from The Verge today suggests that the web browser-based version of Microsoft xCloud is in testing in-house now, and should be ready for public beta play in the near future. This version should allow Microsoft xCloud to be played on more platforms than the cloud gaming service works with currently.

If and when Microsoft xCloud is released in a web browser iteration for public consumption, it’ll be very similar to that of the Google solution Google Stadia. Google Stadia currently works in a web browser, allowing users to stream their games with a game controller from a wide variety of platforms.

Through the web version of Xbox Game Streaming (xCloud), you can stream any cloud game available through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Once a game launches, it goes into full screen mode and will detect Xbox controller input.

It is not immediately clear how capable the web version is. It could have caps on resolution and frame rates, after all, xCloud is still utilising Xbox One S hardware, not newer next-gen silicon.

The web version of xCloud will provide streaming to PC platforms in addition to iOS, so those on an iPhone or an iPad can stream games too. This is part of Microsoft’s workaround for Apple’s App Store rules, which prevents a dedicated Xbox Game Streaming app similar to the one on Android.

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