Samsung will reportedly release an Exynos laptop with AMD graphics this year

Samsung will reportedly launch a Windows 10 laptop running on an Exynos processor and an AMD GPU. A report from ZDNet Korea says that Samsung will release a laptop in the second half of this year that runs on an Exynos processor and an AMD GPU. The rumored laptop will reportedly come out after the release of the next Galaxy Note.

A laptop from Samsung with an Exynos processor inside would be a different approach to Windows 10 on ARM. Samsung’s Galaxy Book S and Galaxy Book2 are both Windows 10 on ARM devices, but they each have Qualcomm processors inside.

Samsung unveiled the Exynos 2100 premium mobile processor at Unpacked 2021. That chip is built on a 5nm EUV process and has impressive benchmarks. With the rumored release date of this laptop being the second half of this year, it could house the successor to the Exynos 2100 inside.

Samsung has dabbled with ARM-based Windows 10 laptops in the past, but so far it has always relied on Qualcomm to supply the processors for those computers. The chipmaker effectively has a monopoly on the market at the moment, but that hasn’t translated into Windows ARM taking off. Part of that can be attributed to Microsoft’s implementation. App compatibility has improved significantly in recent years, but you’ll still find the odd program that won’t run smoothly on your ARM-based machine. That’s not to say those problems will go away if Samsung were to build a computer with its own silicon, but the alternative is allowing Apple to establish a dominant lead with its M1 Macs.

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