Google offers improved sleep tracking tools for Android apps

Google Sleep API is being made publicly available, and this will allow sleep tracking apps on Android smartphones use less power to detect sleep patterns, the tech company said. The Sleep API will be built right into Google Play Services, and will centralise sleep detection processing. It is one the Activity Recognition APIs which, “with the user’s permission, can detect user’s activities such as whether a user is biking or walking”. Google has collaborated with Urbandroid, the developer of the popular alarm app, Sleep As Android, for this.

This means developers can use toolkits to upgrade existing services and create new Android apps that provide more data while saving mobile phone battery life. I did. You can use the API to view regular “Sleep Confidence” reports every 10 minutes and a broader sleep segment report after awakening is detected.

While multiple sensor signals used in activity tracking apps can cause havoc on mobile phone batteries, the Sleep API centralizes the sleep detection process and improves performance, according to Google. The software originated in collaboration with the Sleep as Android app. The app also provides features such as smart scores and sonar to track your sleep from a distance. To keep things fresh, Google is constantly tinkering with sleep and health software suites such as Fit and Bedtime. However, the Sleep API extension is intended to increase Play Store options.

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