Google revamps Chrome profiles to make switching easier

Having a shared computer can be a bit of a hassle, especially for households with several members. While we all get used to working from home, it can be important to keep passwords, bookmarks, and other browsing information separate. The best Chromebooks have the ability to switch user accounts, and while the Google Chrome browser can also manage different user profiles, the feature is shoved off into a corner where not many people may know or take full advantage of it. Google wants to address this by putting profiles front and center.

The new system, touted as a complete revamp of profiles, lets you build and switch separate visual themes that are color-coded and include their own backgrounds. As usual, you can grab these new looks from the Chrome web store. Once you’ve created the profiles, it should theoretically be easier to identify each one when you return to the browser.

Compared to the existing profiles for different people you’ve added to Chrome on one laptop, this new setup is different in a few ways. When you’re creating a new profile, you’ll be prompted to customize the browser’s look and pick your preferred color scheme from a selection. The themes are a visual cue that you’re in the right account.

The experience will also extend to Android users that have sync enabled so that their profile information will be accessible from other devices. Some users should start to see the revamped profile switcher starting today, but Google states that the new experience will roll out in the coming week. Until then, we have a handy guide on how to switch users on a Chromebook.

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