OnePlus’ next phones will come out on March 23rd

OnePlus has announced an official launch date for its next phones: the OnePlus 9 series will be formally announced on March 23rd at 10AM ET. It’s also confirming a partnership with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to improve the devices’ camera systems.

t has also confirmed some of the phone’s features. For starters, there will be more than one handset, as the company refers to the “OnePlus 9 Series”. 5G will come as standard on at least one of the phones, while there’s also a tie-up with camera firm Hasselblad to boost the device’s imaging ability.

The 9-series will also use a new Sony IMX789 sensor and offer 12-bit RAW image capture, which the Samsung S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max also include. That’s a nice step forward to capture and retain this large amount of data, and it’s helpful for post-processing.

Given it was just an invite, OnePlus stopped short of delivering a full spec list. Recent rumours have included a curved 1440p screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, 45W fast charging, and reverse wireless charging.

A 120Hz refresh rate would mean better fast-moving images with less blur. High refresh rates are becoming more common in smartphones, as seen in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and rumoured for the Apple iPhone 13.

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