Microsoft delays full reopening of its offices to at least September

Microsoft is delaying the full reopening of its offices the company’s “Stage 6” phase of its hybrid workplace plan until September 7th at the earliest. This marks a delay from its originally planned July window.

In an email to staff, executive VP Kurt DelBene said the delay gave “additional flexibility” for staff making plans for the summer. He added that local office managers also had the freedom to institute further delays if the situation in their area made it too risky to return.

The tech pioneer is currently in a “soft open” phase where a limited number of employees can return to in-person work. About 20 percent of global Microsoft employees were back in the office as of March, including at its Redmond and Seattle offices.

The delay acknowledges uncertainty around the pandemic. While vaccinations are ramping up quickly and could make it safer for people to work at the office, it’s not clear if enough people will be protected by July and the rise of faster-spreading virus variants complicates matters. As it stands, Microsoft has already said it might let most people work from home for up to half of the week. There’s simply less pressure to reopen than in the past.

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