Microsoft Edge user numbers keep growing as Firefox falls

NetMarketShare’s 2020 report showed that Edge’s 7.59% desktop market share pushed it past Firefox in March last year. Now, a different analytics company StatCounter reports that Edge has been adding users over the last few months as Firefox’s userbase shrinks.

While the data doesn’t prove Firefox users have been leaving for Edge, we see that Microsoft’s browser has seen its market share jump from 7.81% to 8.03% this year, while Mozilla’s product declined from 8.1% to 7.95%. That’s an all-time high for Edge, according to StatCounter.

Edge’s gain in users hasn’t secured it the second position. That honor goes to Safari, which now has a 10.11% share, though its numbers have been falling since December, so Edge could overtake it soon enough.

Statcounter mentions laptops are included in all desktop-related figures, which should signal just how far-reaching Edge has become. Safari is at a little over 10% of total market share control as of March 2021, so Edge is within 2% and could overtake the former within the next few months at its current growth rate. It’s a long way off from reaching Google Chrome’s 67% market share, but it’s speedily climbing the rungs of the runner-up ladder.

It’s not surprising Edge is doing as well as it’s doing, given how routinely it adds useful features and considers the user experience. For example: you won’t need the best ad blockers for Microsoft Edge soon if Edge Canary has anything to say about it.

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