Stadia store upgrade will let you search for games

One of the most bizarrely missing features for Stadia is finally launching. Starting today, Stadia for web now offers a proper search bar to find games in the store, as well as a revamped library view, and Google is teasing a few future upgrades.

At launch, Stadia didn’t offer any sort of search functionality, and that was acceptable given the service’s then small library of games. Over the past year and a half, however, Stadia has significantly grown both in games and add-ons for those games, which has made finding your next purchase more difficult than it needs to be.

Today that’s changing, as Stadia is finally launching a proper search bar, starting with the store in the web app. The feature may take a few days to roll out to all players, but once live, Stadia’s search bar will let you easily look for your next game purchase, and will include completion suggestions.

Visit Stadia’s web client, and you’ll see that the store has a proper search bar complete with autocomplete suggestions. All of that should help make finding new games to add to your library less tedious. Google is also adding a sorting feature to the web client that makes it easier to keep track of your purchased, free and Stadia Pro games. You can also filter for titles based on genre and other criteria.

And just so no one gets the wrong idea that Google plans to abandon Stadia anytime soon, the company also detailed several upcoming features. One of those is an activity feed that will allow you to see what games your friends are playing. It will also be a way for you to share game states. The other is a tool for deleting captures in bulk over the web client. Lastly, Android users will soon have the chance to access the platform through a web browser. Technically, that’s something you could already do by telling Chrome to access the desktop site, but now it will be even more accessible. As 9to5Google points out, that’s something that should make the Android experience better since you’ll have the chance to access features that are available on the web client but that Google hasn’t rolled out to the mobile app yet.

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