Reddit Down: Desktop, Mobile & App Partial Outage

Reddit has been down for many users on desktop and mobile, with the issue also seemingly affecting the apps as well. Although the problem is evident from the frequency of user reports on social media, Reddit also confirmed the issue, and that it is currently implementing a fix. Shortly after 2PM ET, we also unable to load the site, with some getting a blank homepage and others experiencing slow loading times and getting kicked off of pages.

According to Reddit’s own status page, the service is currently experiencing technical difficulties that affect both desktop and mobile users. This is in addition to the various Reddit apps as well. With so many routes to Reddit seemingly affected, the problem seems likely to be related to a server issue. Something that’s all the more likely considering the status page references “elevated error rates” as part of the problem. Regardless of what’s causing the Reddit outage, the company appears to be aware of the problem and is working on a fix, with the latest updated message stating “a fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.”

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