Sonos Arc update adds Dolby Atmos height channel volume adjustment

If you’re a Sonos Arc user who’s been looking to fine-tune their Dolby Atmos height cues, a just-released update to the Sonos app will let you do just that, while also improving the battery life of the new Sonos Roam portable speaker.

Update 13.1 for the Sonos S2 app is available now, and among other bug fixes and improvements, it adds the ability to tweak the volume of the Sonos Arc’s height drivers when listening to content with object-based Dolby Atmos sound. You’ll find the setting by navigating to Settings > System > Arc > Height Audio on the Sonos app.

Like other Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars, the Sonos Arc delivers height effects using upfiring drivers that bounce sound off your ceiling, which makes for an easier and more affordable alternative to installing height speakers in your ceiling.

By being able to adjust the volume of the height drivers, Arc users can fine-tune Atmos height cues to help compensate for a ceiling that’s too high or too low, although a vaulted ceiling would likely still be a problem.

Besides the new height channel setting for the Arc, the Sonos S2 update also adds a fix designed to “improve” the Sonos Roam’s battery performance with Google Assistant installed.

Today’s update also has something in store for Roam owners. Since Sonos released its latest portable speaker last month, battery life with Google Assistant voice control turned on hasn’t been great. Following today’s update, Sonos says Roam owners should now get the most out of the speaker’s battery when using Google voice control.

You can get both updates by downloading the latest version of the Sonos app to your phone.

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