The Nokia 2720 Flip phone is finally coming to the US

The Nokia 2720 V Flip is officially a “smart feature phone” with a 1.3-inch outer display that shows caller ID and time/day/date. The 2MP rear camera is novelly placed on the bottom half of the phone and features an LED flash. It’s made of “tough polycarbonate,” with an exposed top hinge when closed. Other physical features include a 3.5mm headphone jack and volume rocker. t wasn’t available in the US. That’s about to change, though, as the feature phone is heading to these shores on May 20th as an exclusive to Verizon.

There’s a button on the left edge of the Nokia 2720 that lets you launch Google Assistant for starting calls and sending messages, as well as getting search results, with just your voice. Flipping open the phone gives you a 2.8-inch QVGA display, as well as a number and d-pad.

This phone is powered by a Qualcomm 205 chip with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Running KaiOS, there are basic YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook apps, as well as more from the KaiStore. The 1500mAh battery is removable and changes over micro-USB with 26 days of standby time touted.

The lack of background apps also means the battery will last a lot longer than a smartphone’s.

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