Spy Alarm turns your Switch into an invisible tripwire

Sabec, the studio that turned Nintendo Switch into a scientific calculator, is back at it with another pretty ridiculous app for the console. Spy Alarm creates an invisible beam using the infrared sensor on the right Joy-Con. When someone or something triggers the tripwire, an alarm will sound on your Switch and the app will record the time of the incident.

Don’t expect Spy Alarm to replace a typical home security system, though. Your Switch will need to be running the app for it to work and you can’t play games on the console simultaneously. It obviously won’t send mobile alerts if it detects an intruder either. The tripwire, meanwhile, has a range of about one meter. The range will extend a little further when a white or reflective object crosses the beam’s path, but it’s not as if intruders typically wear hi-vis clothing. The app is also limited by the Joy-Con’s battery life.

While Spy Alarm might not be a practical way to protect your home from infiltrators, it’s another example of Sabec playing around with the Switch hardware to make something more interesting than a lot of the shovelware on the Nintendo eShop. Still, it could be useful if you suspect someone else in your household is secretly playing games on your Switch after you go to bed.

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