At $299, DJI’s leaked Mini SE might be its most affordable drone yet

Walmart has leaked a new entry in DJI’s Mavic Mini line that might start at just $299, which should make it the company’s most affordable drone ever.

Not only did we just find that price at Walmart’s website, it’s apparently migrated to at least one set of Walmart store shelves already:

So what do we know from the Walmart listing. Well we’ve got a fair bit of information there, most of which matches up with the original Mavic Mini. Like that older drone, it’s 249g, offers 30 minutes of fly time on a charge, and will shoot 2.7k video on a 3-axis gimbal, and 12mp stills.

Where it might differ is in that remote control we mentioned. While the Mavic Mini comes with a basic remote, the bundle shot on the Walmart listing includes what look like the much-improved controller that was introduced with the Mavic Air 2.

If the DJI Mini SE actually retails for $299, that’d be a deal right out of the gate and extremely tempting to would-be drone buyers looking for something they can easily stuff in a bag and (at sub-249g) one they won’t need to register with the FAA.

It’s not clear when the Mini SE might go on sale.

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