Garmin’s new Tactix Delta smartwatch

New for this version of the Tactix is stealth mode a multisport GPS smartwatch built to military standards (MIL-STD-810), with a scratch-resistant domed sapphire lens and diamond-like carbon coated bezel. Tactix Delta now includes stealth mode which disables storing and sharing of your location and a kill switch that erases all user memory. The fourth-generation […]


Lenovo is developing a new VR headset

Despite an embarrassing history in VR, Lenovo will be returning to try again in a more mature market. The FCC listing calls the new headset the Lenovo VR 3030S and describes it as standalone, meaning it won’t need to plug into a PC to function. Beyond that, we don’t know anything, but Lenovo’s history in […]


Facebook won’t push through with plans to put ads in WhatsApp

Facebook is “backing away” from earlier plans to sell ads for placement inside its enormously popular WhatsApp messaging service. According to The Wall Street Journal, the team that had been working on building ads into WhatsApp was disbanded in recent months, with their work subsequently “deleted from WhatsApp’s code.” The founders have strong feelings against […]


The European Union wants all mobile devices on a universal charging standard

As outlined in a recent newsletter posted on the European Parliament’s website, the 2014 Radio Equipment Directive called for a common charger to be developed that would fit all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices. The Commission ultimately “encouraged” the industry to adopt change but that hands-off approach has not yet produced […]