MAG 322 IPTV Box


  • Good processor
  • Better flash memory
  • Slightly improved build quality
  • Included batteries and HDMI cable
  • Strong wi-fi signal
  • Easy to setup


  • No VPN support
  • No subtitles feature
  • No antenna

when looking for an IPTV box. There are many to pick from and sometimes it can be difficult separating the good from the bad. Here some things you can pay attention to when it comes to making a more well-informed purchase.

Stats and specs aren’t as important as one might think but they do help in getting a sense of how powerful or fast the machine is. You don’t need to read every single line of detail necessarily, but it is helpful to pay attention to the key categories like the processor, the RAM, and the flash memory. More power behind these aspects lets you know that the IPTV box will have smoother menus and faster loading times.

This may be a relatively simple feature, but I find it important to make sure your TV box comes with all the right accessories. A good remote control and HDMI cable will allow you to set up your box the moment it arrives in the mail. Try to get an IPTV box that is a complete package, so to speak.

Build quality is also important. You should get yourself a machine that is sturdy and made out of high-quality materials so it will have a longer lifespan. You want to get years of use out of your devices whenever you can.

MAG 322 W1 version. What “W1” signifies is that it has built-in wi-fi, compatible with all the standard 2.4ghz channels that any home router sends out.

What the MAG 322 does have that is a dual-core 750mhz CPU was installed, and to cut a long story short, multiple CPU cores tend to be better than single-cores.

You won’t be able to stream 4K resolution with this box, but we still live in an age where 1080p is the norm. I know I’ve always been satisfied by it and it seems to be the case where most people are too. Also, there currently aren’t any IPTV providers anyway.


Processor BCM75839, MIPS 4KE Dual Core CPU 750Mhz

Flash memory 512 MB

RAM 512 ?B

Performance 2000 DMIPS

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