Google’s music apps have reportedly passed 15 million subscribers

Google has reportedly now passed the 15 million mark when it comes to music subscribers.

The information on this comes from a new report out of Bloomberg which credits “two people familiar with the numbers” for the information.

While 15 million is a lot of subscribers and certainly enough to be significant, considering this is Google, the number is being seen as less of a milestone and more of an indication of how Google continues to struggle to gain traction in the subscription market.

One of the issues Google faces here, is the competition. Spotify and Apple both seem to be doing far better than Google in this space and their numbers on paper eclipse Google’s to the point where the 15 million seems small.

For comparison, Spotify recently passed 100 million paying customers globally, with Apple tallying more than 50 million.

Google has made it clear that YouTube Music is the way forward for its premium music subscription efforts; the corporate has stated it’ll part out the older Google Play Music service as soon as YouTube Music replicates all of its performance and launches in the identical territories.

Nonetheless, the YouTube Music crew has dragged its ft at guarantees to deliver over that performance. Playlists and consumer uploads from Google Play Music are nonetheless nowhere to be discovered, regardless of guarantees that they’d be migrated over. Just lately, the app added the power to play native recordsdata on Android, so some progress is being made, however it’s been very gradual going.

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