Google is tweaking the Play Store’s app rating system to favor recent reviews

Google announced to app and game developers this week at Google I/O that very soon, app ratings and how they are calculated are getting changed up.

Google Play Store revealed this week that the newest, and theoretically more relevant app reviews will be given greater weight when considering ratings. The change is similar to one made by Apple two years ago when it launched a feature that gave developers the option to reset an app or game’s ratings when a newer version is released.

Google claims that the changes will work better for developers as well as users who will now be able to see more precisely how recent changes or updates have impacted the user experience of an app or game.

Recent week saw millions of bad reviews and rating removed from the Play Store, and thousands of bad apps were also given the boot, detected in large part by those same false reviews. Despite a security crackdown in the last few years, malicious apps are still finding their way onto the Play Store

The new rating is ready for preview by developers in the Google Play Console and Play Store customers can expect to see these changes in August.

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