eBay promises ‘can’t-miss’ deals if Amazon crashes on Prime Day

A few of Amazon’s retail rivals, meanwhile, want to cede as little ground as possible to the e-commerce giant and have gone ahead and announced their own discounts and promotions to counter Prime Day. eBay and Target are both planning to offer some serious deals to try and chip away at Amazon a bit, with eBay even getting a little cheeky with the announcement of its so-called “Crash Sale” that’s also set for Prime Day, on July 15.

eBay says you can claim more than 50 percent off goods from the likes of Apple, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid and Garmin. It’ll have more deals in the hopper in the lead up to the Crash Sale, with deals on items like robot vacuums, stand mixers, smart home gear and more, with up to 85 percent off certain items for three weeks, starting July 1st.

Interestingly, eBay said it will launch a fresh batch of deals if Amazon’s site crashes.

“If history repeats itself and Amazon crashes that day, eBay’s wave of can’t-miss deals on some of the season’s top items will excite customers around the world,” the company’s press release states. “eBay is primed to deliver exactly what shoppers want during this year’s crash (sale),” Jay Hanson, COO of eBay Americas, said. “July has become a massive shopping season, and our summer sales include blockbuster deals that will not disappoint.”

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on whether other retailers follow, as Amazon seems to be leading the charge towards another major, widespread shopping holiday

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