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The Mandalorian scores a best drama Emmy nomination for Disney+

Disney+’s flagship streaming series wowed this morning, with a surprise best drama Primetime Emmy nomination this morning out of a stellar 15, technically repping the first Emmy nominations for a Star Wars live-action IP since the 1985 ABC movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor which was then nominated for three Emmys Outstanding Children’s Programming, Sound […]


Amazon extends work-from-home policy for corporate employees to 2021

Amazon is extending its corporate work-from-home policy through January of next year. The company is also planning to continue restricting nonessential business travel through the end of the year. Amazon’s decision aligns with those of Facebook and Google, both of which have announced work-from-home policies that extend through 2020. Microsoft has plans to reopen its […]


Amazon bans TikTok citing “security risks,” then says it was all a mistake

Amazon ordered employees to delete TikTok from their phones today, citing “security risks.” Amazon’s email to employees did not specify what security risks the company is worried about or whether TikTok has already caused a security problem internally. Last month research found TikTok’s app was able to read clipboard data on iOS devices. TikTok said […]


US senators demand Amazon answer questions about warehouse worker safety

Four senators, including Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, have written a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to ask what measures are being taken to protect warehouse workers from COVID-19. The coronavirus outbreak that causes this deadly disease has now infected more than 20,000 people throughout America. The group of senators is led by Sen. […]