Amazon’s Windows 10 Prime Video app brings offline viewing to PCs

Amazon Prime Video is now available on Microsoft Store on Windows 10, allowing Indian subscribers to catch up on their favourite movies and TV shows on their desktop PCs, laptops as well as tablets. Like its Android or iOS variants, viewers can stream content online, or download content for offline viewing later on their device. On the new Windows 10 app, the streaming experience is similar to the current experience on the website, though there are some interface changes for navigation. The app can only be downloaded on devices with Windows 10.

The settings menu includes three download quality presets: “Good,” “Better” and “Best.” With the highest quality setting, one hour of video takes up approximately 2.4GB of internal storage. You’ll also need that same amount of data if you plan to download a video over a cellular connection.

It’s also possible to use the app to watch any movies and shows you bought through Amazon. Movies Anywhere subscribers can do the same as well. In some countries, the software also allows you to rent content, as well as subscribe to Prime Video Channels like HBO and Showtime. For the most part, those are all features you can access on Prime Videos web client, but they’re nice to have inside of an app.

While Amazon suggests that the app can stream videos and download at up to 1080p HD, a test run by The Verge revealed that the app wasn’t able to stream higher than 720p resolution on Windows 10. Videos can be downloaded at Good, Better and Best qualities. Some titles are listed as 4K UHD in the app as well.

Earlier this month, Prime Video introduced a new Watch Party feature, which allows subscribers to watch TV shows and movies with friends and family remotely. Accommodating up to 100 users in one group, the Watch Party feature will also have a built-in chat section where members of the group can have live conversations, complete with emojis. However, this feature is only rolled out for users in the US as of now. Plans of introducing the same in other regions are currently in pipeline.

Head over to the Microsoft Store to download the Prime Video app.

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