iHeartMedia will start airing its own podcasts on over 200 of its radio stations every Sunday

iHeartMedia will harness more than 850 radio stations to build its podcast audience and entice potential advertisers. iHeartMedia has unveiled a Sunday Night Podcasts initiative that will air podcasts on 270 of its radio stations at the end of each week, starting with The Ron Burgundy Podcast on August 11th. You can also expect series like Stuff You Should Know, TechStuff and The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, although just what you’ll get and when will vary. It’s up to the stations to choose the podcasts and time slots that fit.

Conal Byrne, the president of the company’s podcast network, also told The Verge in an interview that advertising would play a big role. If a company wants a commercial, they can reach both podcast and radio listeners. That could be appealing to advertisers worried that podcast-only ads won’t have enough reach and, of course, help iHeartMedia make money. It just so happens that this could expose people to podcasts they hadn’t heard, or even the basic concept of a podcast.

The news comes just a day after the company planned to translate and distribute its podcasts around the world by the first quarter of 2020, with versions available in French, German, Hindi, Spanish and other languages. They aren’t going to air on the radio, but the goal is similar: iHeartMedia wants its podcasts to be as ubiquitous as possible.

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