Sonos will show off new products at IFA

As for what’s on the table, Sonos didn’t give any hints. The oldest hardware in Sonos’ lineup at this point is the Playbar home theater soundbar and the Play:5 speaker. They both sound excellent still, but neither has built-in voice control like the newer Sonos One and Beam speakers. They’re also certainly using older components that will eventually lead to them missing out on future features, like the AirPlay 2 update that rolled out last year. The Play:5 did get AirPlay 2 support, but the older Playbar and Play:1 didn’t.

Sonos also discontinued the mid-tier Play:3 last year, which means there’s a big price gap between the $200 Sonos One and $500 Play:5. Whether or not the company speaker that’s notably better than the One that also doesn’t make too many customers choose it over the more expensive Play:5 remains to be seen, as the Play:3 felt like an odd duck in the Sonos lineup for a while before it was ultimately discontinued. But something a little bigger with more bass than the Sonos One would be a nice addition to the lineup.

Given that the Berlin September briefings are happening just days before IFA, it seems like a safe bet that whatever new gear Sonos has to show off, we’ll see it all revealed in early September at the show. Until then, start the speculation engines.

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