Samsung is canceling all Galaxy Fold preorders so it can rethink the entire customer experience

Samsung may have finally fixed the Galaxy Fold and confirmed new release dates for the foldable phone, but anyone who preordered the phone earlier this year may still be out of luck: Samsung is emailing customers to cancel all preorders while it “rethinks the entire customer experience” ranging from the actual purchase through to after-sale support. This includes the just-announced Premier Service that gives foldable phone buyers around-the-clock direct access to experts.

There is some compensation pre-order customers receive $250 in credit for their trouble. That’s still less than thrilling if you were hoping to be the first on your block to own a Galaxy Fold, though, and you might not have much choice but to pre-register again if you’re eager to restart the process.

You’ll also have to sit tight if you’re hoping for a specific US release date. The Fold comes to South Korea on September 6th and the 18th in the UK, France, Germany and Singapore, but the American launch is only slated to take place in the “coming weeks.” Even if that’s right around the corner unofficial reports point to September 27th, you could be sitting waiting for a little while.

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