Is this the back of the Xbox Series X?

Images of an alleged prototype have surfaced on Twitter and the gaming forum Neogaf, hinting at the various ports that will be available on Microsoft’s next console.

The images show the Series X’s vents, two USB-A ports on the back, one on the front, a single HDMI-out, an optical audio port, Ethernet, and a power-in. A further mysterious rectangular port is for diagnostics, according to Sams. The unit is marked with a serial number and labeled as “Xbox Product Name Placeholder.”

There’s also a long, rectangular slot which Sams explains is for diagnostic reporting and likely won’t feature on the final console. We’re months away from the Xbox Series X release, so the retail version could look completely different. The general shape, though, is identical to what Microsoft showed during The Game Awards last year. Provided these images are legitimate, we would be surprised if the company made anything more than slight alterations.

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