Under Armour’s smart scale and fitness tracker have stopped tracking weight, steps, and sleep

Under Armour may have stopped making connected health gadgets since 2017, but it’s now halting software support entirely for its HealthBox collection, which included a scale, a wristband, and a chest-strapped heart rate monitor as Ars Technica has learned.

The app will stop working entirely on March 31st, preventing the gadgets from syncing their data outside of a handful of circumstances. Needless to say, that’s a big problem if you dropped significant money on even one of Under Armour’s 2016-era devices, let alone $400 for the HealthBox bundle that included the three gadgets in one kit.

Under Armour has encouraged users to export data to MapMyFitness if they still rely on Record to track their workouts. However, that app also misses out on a large chunk of Record stats, including step counts, sleep tracking, weight and resting heart rate. Given that these are frequently core features of Under Armour’s older devices, the hardware has lost much of its reason for being.

It’s safe to say you also shouldn’t expect any software updates, bug fixes, or other kinds of support relating to the app, either. Under Armour effectively dropped the devices in the HealthBox ecosystem in 2017 and shifted its attention to products like its HOVR smart shoes and earbuds. Still, the company doesn’t appear to have given customers much of any warning, let alone an alternative that would keep their devices working more or less as intended.

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