AT&T is slashing a ‘sizable’ number of jobs and closing 250 retail stores

AT&T is cutting jobs according to a recent report from the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the job cuts will largely target technicians and clerical jobs. Furthermore, AT&T is preparing to close north of 250 retail AT&T Mobility and Cricket Wireless stores which would impact around 1,300 jobs.

The CWA is a media labor union that represents some of AT&T’s employees.

The telecommunications giant confirmed to Axios that job cuts were coming but didn’t specify how many people would be let go. The company added that it had plans to close stores before the pandemic but that the current situation has accelerated matters. Most retail employees will be offered another job with the company, AT&T said.

AT&T said “there will be targeted, but sizable reductions in our workforce across executives, managers and union-represented employees, consistent with our previously announced transformation initiative. Additionally, we’ll be eliminating more non-payroll workers the vast majority of which are outside the United States than we are managers or union-represented employees.”

T-Mobile confirmed it is cutting some jobs too, though it didn’t say how many. But it notes it is hiring for 5,000 new positions over the next year as well. The company committed to growing its net employment as it sought regulatory approval to buy Sprint.

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