Stadia announces 16 upcoming games

Google has signed on five new developers to make exclusive titles for its Stadia cloud gaming service. Two of those five already have fully realized projects, with one ready for release.

Developer Splash Damage, which developed the recent Microsoft exclusive Gears Tactics, is now making an online multiplayer game called Outcasters, while popular strategy and tower defense studio Robot Entertainment has its third installment in its Orcs Must Die! series arriving on Stadia today as part of the Stadia Pro subscription or for $29.99.

One major title coming to Stadia this fall is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Players have been clamoring for Dark Souls on Stadia; and while Sekiro isn’t quite the same, it’s from the same team and should satisfy your thirst for maddeningly difficult combat. Plus, Sekiro has made our “best games” lists for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

Google has teamed up with Rock Band developer Harmonix and Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games to bring exclusive games to the platform at some point in the future. Also included in its slate of upcoming exclusives is a new title from lesser-known studio Uppercut Games, known for popular mobile and cross-platform games like Epoch and Submerged. Finally, Google is also announcing new Stadia exclusive games from music game specialist Harmonix, Until Dawn studio Supermassive and Australian studio Uppercut Games.

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