UK retailer charging more than $3,000 for Xbox Series X

Currys PC World currently lists the Xbox Series X at £2,449 ($3,166) and the Xbox Series S at £2,249 ($2,908), which is even more than the most expensive $2,500 pre-orders on eBay.

The company isn’t capitalizing on gamers’ desperation, of course. In the FAQ page, it explains that people who pre-ordered and paid the £5 deposit will receive an email with a £2,005 voucher that can be used against Xbox Series X/S orders only.

“Because demand is so high and to make sure your pre-order is prioritized, we have increased the upfront cost of the Xbox by £2000. But don’t worry. This won’t change how much you pay,” the firm explains.

Seeing as the vouchers are only given to people who have already ordered a system new pre-orders aren’t available—it’s likely that Currys implemented the system as a way of stopping bots that would be unable to manually enter the voucher codes and would likely ignore such a high price.

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