Sony’s updated PlayStation app can manage your PS5’s storage remotely

Sony is updating the PlayStation App just in time for the November 12th release of the PS5. Available on iOS or Android, the new software features a refreshed interface with a home screen that puts the focus on your friends and recently played games. What’s more, you won’t need to use a separate app to chat with people on your friends list, with Sony integrating the PS Messages experience directly into the new application.

Early adopters of the console will have the ability to remotely launch games, sign in to their PS5 directly from the app, and the app will even allow you to remotely manage storage on your console in case you need to make room for a new game to install. Previously, the PlayStation App would let you download games on the PS4, but the app now allows me to download and launch games, plus manage the storage on my PS5.

Today’s update is something the PlayStation App sorely needed; it was starting to look dated and was missing features. It’s hard to say how much utility people get out of a phone app that allows them to manage their console, but if you’re going to offer an app of this type, best to make it as compelling as possible.

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