World map of PS5 and XBSX demand shows Sony coming out on top worldwide

Internet search analysts at UK-based Rise at Seven have tallied Google search results and concluded that Sony would retain its title of Console King in an overwhelming landslide. The firm broke down search results of the two consoles to determine consumer demand on a per-country basis. Its report found that demand for the PlayStation 5 dwarfed consumer interest in the Xbox Series X.

Those findings are however in stark contrast to US search firm The Hoth, which concluded earlier this month that XBSX sales would outshine PS5 by a 2:1 margin.

According to Rise’s study, Sony tipped demand in its favor in 148 of the 161 nations surveyed a 148-13 victory. Part of this wide margin of preference could be marked down to brand loyalty. Rise at Seven notes that since the PlayStation launch in 1994, Sony has virtually cornered the home console market, owning a whopping 84 percent of the pie.

However, interest by country does not necessarily mean Sony will ship more units. Setting aside the inherent uncertainties of predicting sales via internet search results for a moment, let’s consider how the battle breaks down in a few key regions.

Just 13 countries desire the Series X more, and had it not been for China, New Zealand, Mexico, Hungary and Jamaica, Microsoft’s visual global footprint would be much harder to discern. Admittedly, Americans have become famous for their less-than-perfect ability to find countries on a map, but even Rhodes Scholars might find it difficult to pick out XSX fans like Gabon, American Samoa, the Cayman Islands, Anguilla, Guyana, Monaco, and Belize.

Oh, and the Series X’s biggest fan, according to the report? Afghanistan.

The projected dominance of the PS5 may come as no surprise. Sales of the PS4 far outstripped the Xbox One; the former is the fourth best-selling console of all time with over 110 million sales, compared to around 50 million Xbones. Even the PSP shifted 80 million units.

And yet, in this time of online strife, anger and hatred between people with different priorities, passions and desires, it’s worth remembering that games consoles are literally designed to be enjoyed–and so long as you’re happy with whatever you choose, that’s all that matters.

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